Test Bank (Download Only) for Voice Disorders 1st Edition by Ferrand ISBN-10: 0205540538 ISBN-13: 9780205540532


Instructor’s Test Bank for Voice Disorders 1st Edition by Ferrand 



Test Bank for Voice Disorders 1st Edition by Ferrand 

Test Bank for Voice Disorders, 1st Edition, by Ferrand, ISBN-10: 0205540538, ISBN-13: 9780205540532

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Anatomy and Physiology of the Respiratory and Laryngeal Systems Chapter 2 Lifespan Changes in the Respiratory and Phonatory Systems Chapter 3 Considerations in Voice Treatment Chapter 4 Diagnosis and Evaluation of Voice Disorders Chapter 5 Clinical Management Chapter 6 Inflammatory Conditions of the Larynx Chapter 7 Structural Lesions of the Larynx Chapter 8 Benign Lesions of the Vocal Fold Mucosa and Vocal Fatigue Associated with Lifestyle, Personality, and Occupational Factors Chapter 9 Movement Disorders Chapter 10 Voice Disorders Related to Self and Identity Chapter 11 Disorders Related to Airway Problems and Respiration Chapter 12 Laryngeal Cancer