Test Bank (Download Only) for Sociology: A Global Perspective 9th Edition Joan Ferrante ISBN-10: 1285746465 ISBN-13: 9781285746463

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Sociology: A Global Perspective 9th Edition Ferrante



Test Bank for Sociology: A Global Perspective 9th Edition Ferrante

Test Bank for Sociology: A Global Perspective, 9th Edition, Joan Ferrante, ISBN-10: 1285746465, ISBN-13: 9781285746463

Table of Contents

1. The Sociological Imagination: With Emphasis on Globalization and Glocalization.
2. Sociological Perspectives and Methods of Research: With Emphasis on Social Robotics.
3. Culture: With Emphasis on Transcultural Encounters and Exchanges.
4. Socialization: With Emphasis on In-Groups and Out-Groups.
5. Social Interaction and Impression Management: With Emphasis on Relationships in a Digital Age.
6. Formal Organizations: With Emphasis on Industrial Food.
7. Deviance, Conformity, and Social Control: With Emphasis on Mass Surveillance.
8. Social Inequality: With Emphasis on Social Mobility.
9. Race and Ethnicity: With Emphasis on Social Construction.
10. Gender and Sexualities: With Emphasis on Gender Ideals.
11. Economics and Politics: With Emphasis on India and Its IT Professionals.
12. Family: With Emphasis on the Aging Societies.
13. Education: With Emphasis on Social Reproduction in a Knowledge Economy.
14. Religion: With Emphasis on Religion as a Transnational Force.
15. Population and Health Care: With Emphasis on the U.S. Health Care System in Global Context.
16. Social Change: With Emphasis on Changing Environment.