Test Bank (Download Only) for Skills Hub App 1st Edition Skyscape ISBN-10: 0134840704 ISBN-13: 9780134840703

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Skills Hub App 1st Edition Skyscape



Test Bank for Skills Hub App 1st Edition Skyscape

Test Bank for Skills Hub App, 1st Edition, Skyscape, ISBN-10: 0134840704, ISBN-13: 9780134840703

Table of Contents

The Skills Hub App covers the following topics and skills.

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Airway and Oxygen
Chest Physiotherapy
Incentive Spirometry
Oxygen Delivery: Mask and Nasal Prongs
Suctioning: Endotracheal
Airway Insertion: Oropharyngeal
Airway Insertion: Nasopharyngeal
Endotracheal Tube Care
Bag-Valve-Mask Usage

Mental Health: Abuse and Withdrawal
Physical: Abdominal
Physical: Cardiac and Peripheral Vascular
Physical: Musculoskeletal
Physical: Neurological
Physical: Pulmonary
Risk for Falls
Vital Signs: Blood Pressure
Vital Signs: Pulse – Apical and Radial
Vital Signs: Respirations
Vital Signs: Temperature – Oral, Tympanic, Rectal

Hand-Off Report
Sbar Report

Bed Making: Occupied and Unoccupied
Elimination: Bedpan and Urinal
Elimination: Enema
Elimination: Intake and Output Measurement
Elimination: Ostomy Care
Hand Washing
Height and Weight
Hot and Cold Application
Hygiene: Bed Bath
Hygiene: Oral Care, Hair Care, Nail Care, Shaving
Mobility: Assistive Devices
Mobility: Body Mechanics
Mobility: Compression Hose/Devices
Mobility: Logrolling, Positioning, Range of Motion, Transferring
Mobility: Restraints – Application and Assessment
Weight: Standing and Bed Scale
Mobility: Restraints: Applying a Cloth Restraint
Mobility: Cast Care
Mobility: Skin Traction

Infection Control
Gloving: Clean and Sterile
Personal Protective Equipment
Sterile Field
Precautions: Airborne, Contact, Droplet

Medication and Blood Administration
Ear: Irrigation and Medication
Eye: Irrigation and Medication
Inhaled: Aerosol Therapy (SVN) and Metered-Dose Inhalers
Intradermal Injection
Intramuscular Injection
Intravenous: Blood Administration
Intravenous: Continuous Infusion – Priming IV Tubing
Intravenous: Dilution and Reconstitution
Intravenous: Intermittent Infusion (IV Piggyback) – Capped Line
Intravenous: Intermittent Infusion (IV Piggyback) – Continuous Compatible Solution
Intravenous: Intermittent Infusion (IV Piggyback) – Incompatible Solution
Intravenous: Intermittent Infusion (IV Piggyback) – Gravity Infusion
Intravenous: Intermittent Infusion (IV Piggyback) – Pump Infusion
Intravenous: Push – Capped Line
Intravenous: Push – Compatible Solution
Intravenous: Push – Incompatible Solution
Small Volume Infusers: Buretrol and Syringe Pumps
Nasogastric/Peg Tube/G-Tube/J-Tube
Oral: Preparation and Administration
Subcutaneous Injection
Sublingual and Buccal
Topical and Transdermal
Patient Controlled Analgesia
Epidural Analgesia

Monitoring Devices and Technology
EKG Monitoring
Glucose Monitoring
IV Smartpump
Pulse Oximetry
Pacemaker: External — Transcutaneous
Ventriculostomy Care
Intracranial Catheter Care

Nutritional Therapy
Enteral Nutrition: Continuous and Intermittent
Parenteral Nutrition: Lipids, Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition (PPN), Total Parenteral Nutrition (PPN)

Specimen Collection
Serum Collection: Butterfly Needle, Central Line, Venipuncture
Sputum Collection
Stool Collection
Throat Culture
Urine: Catheter, Midstream, 24-Hour
Arterial Blood Gas Collection
Arterial Blood Gas Collection from Arterial Line
Blood Samples from Central Venous Access Device


Tube and Line Maintenance
Chest Tube: Set Up, Measurements, Management
Tracheostomy Care: Dressing Change
Intravenous Therapy: Central Venous Access Device – Discontinuation
Intravenous Therapy: Peripheral Venous Access Device – Flushing and Insertion
Intravenous Therapy: Line Conversion – Capped Line to Infusion
Nasogastric: Insertion and Placement
Nasogastric: Feeding Tube – Insertion and Placement
Nasogastric: Removal
Nasogastric: Irrigation, Residual, Output Measurement
Intravenous Therapy: Central Line – Dressing Change
Tracheostomy Care: Inner Cannula Change
Tracheostomy Care: Suctioning
Wounds: Jackson Pratt
Urinary Care: Condom Catheter
Urinary Care: Indwelling (Foley) Catheter – Insertion in Female and Male
Urinary Care: Indwelling (Foley) Catheter – Irrigation and Removal
Urinary Care: Intermittent Catheter – Insertion in Female and Male
Urinary Care: Continuous Bladder Irrigation
Intravenous Therapy: Implanted Port Access
Intravenous Therapy: Implanted Port Deaccessing

Wound and Site Care
Dressing Change: Dry and Moist
Staple Removal
Sterile Dressing Change
Wound Vac
Site Care: IV
Site Care: Pin Care