Test Bank (Download Only) for Scientific American Biology for a Changing World 3rd Edition by Michele Shuster Janet Vigna Matthew Tontonoz ISBN: 9781319340940


Instructor’s Test Bank for Scientific American Biology for a Changing World 3rd Edition Shuster



Test Bank for Scientific American Biology for a Changing World 3rd Edition Shuster

Test Bank for Scientific American Biology for a Changing World 3rd Edition by Michele Shuster,Janet Vigna,Matthew Tontonoz, ISBN: 9781319340940

Table of Contents

UNIT 1 What Is Life Made Of? Chemistry, Cells, Energy

Chapter 1

Process of Science

Java Report

Making sense of the latest buzz in health-related news

Chapter 2

Chemistry of Life

Mission to Mars

Prospecting for life on the red planet

Chapter 3

Cell Structure and Function

Wonder Drug

How a chance discovery in a London laboratory revolutionized medicine

M1 Milestones in Biology

Scientific Rebel

Lynn Margulis and the theory of endosymbiosis

Chapter 4

Nutrition, Enzymes, Metabolism

The Peanut Butter Project

One doctor’s crusade to end malnutrition in Africa, one spoonful at a time

Chapter 5

Energy and Photosynthesis

The Future of Fuel?

Scientists seek to make algae into the next alternative energy source

Chapter 6

Dietary Energy and Cellular Respiration

New Story! The Sitting Disease

Understanding the causes and consequences of obesity

UNIT 2 How Does Life Reproduce? Cell Division and Inheritance

Chapter 7

DNA Structure and Replication

Biologically Unique

How DNA helped free an innocent man

M2 Milestones in Biology

The Model Makers

Watson, Crick, and the structure of DNA

Chapter 8

Genes to Proteins

New Story! Bulletproof

Scientists hope to spin spider silk into the next indestructible super-fiber

M3 Milestones in Biology

Sequence Sprint

Venter and Collins race to decode the human genome

Chapter 9

Cell Cycle and Cell Differentiation

Grow Your Own

Is regenerative medicine the solution to organ transplantation?

Chapter 10

Mutations and Cancer

Fighting Fate

When cancer runs in the family, ordinary measures are not enough

Chapter 11

Simple Inheritance and Meiosis

Catching Breath

One woman’s mission to outrun a genetic disease

M4 Milestones in Biology

Mendel’s Garden

An Austrian monk lays the foundation for modern genetics

Chapter 12

Complex Inheritance

Q&A Genetics

Complexities of human genetics, from sex to depression

UNIT 3 How Does Life Change over Time? Evolution and Diversity

Chapter 13

Natural Selection and Adaptation

Bugs that Resist Drugs

Drug-resistant bacteria are on the rise. Can we stop them?

M5 Milestones in Biology

Adventures in Evolution

Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace on the trail of natural selection

Chapter 14

Nonadaptive Evolution and Speciation

Urban Evolution

How cities are altering the fate of species

Chapter 15

Evidence for Evolution

A Fish With Fingers?

A transitional fossil fills a gap in our knowledge of evolution

Chapter 16

Life on Earth

Q&A Evolution

From moon rocks to DNA, clues to the history of life on Earth

Chapter 17

Prokaryotic Diversity

Lost City

Exploring life’s origins at the bottom of the sea

Chapter 18

Eukaryotic Diversity

New Story! Can Rubber Save the Rainforest?

A small state in Brazil aims to find out.

M6 Milestones in Biology

New! Shaking the Tree

A revised view of eukaryotic diversity may be the key to tackling deadly diseases

Chapter 19

Human Evolution

Skin Deep

Science redefines the meaning of racial categories

UNIT 4 How Do Organisms Interact? Ecology

Chapter 20

Population Ecology

On the Tracks of Wolves and Moose

Ecologists learn big lessons from a small island

Chapter 21

Community Ecology

What’s Happening to Honey Bees?

A mysterious ailment threatens a vital link in the food chain

Chapter 22

Ecosystem Ecology

The Heat Is On

From migrating maples to shrinking sea ice, signs of a warming planet

M7 Milestones in Biology

Progress or Poison?

Rachel Carson, pesticides, and the birth of the environmental movement

Chapter 23


The Makings of a Green City

One Kansas town reinvents itself sustainable

Physiology Chapters

Unit 5 What Makes Plants Unique? Plant Biology

Plant coverage now in two chapters

Chapter 24

Plant Growth and Reproduction

New Story! Plants 2.0

Is genetic engineering the solution to world hunger?

Chapter 25

Plant Physiology

Q&A Plants

Exploding seeds, carnivorous flowers, and other colorful adaptations of the plant world