Test Bank (Download Only) for Psychology 8th Edition Peter O. Gray David F. Bjorklund ISBN-10: 1319015891 ISBN-13: 9781319015893


Instructor’s Test Bank for Psychology 8th Edition Gray



Test Bank for Psychology 8th Edition Gray

Test Bank for Psychology, 8th Edition, Peter O. Gray, David F. Bjorklund, ISBN-10: 1319015891, ISBN-13: 9781319015893

Table of Contents

Part I Foundations for the Study of Psychology
Chapter 1 Background to the Study of Psychology
Chapter 2 Methods of Psychology.

Part II The Biological Bases of Behavior
Chapter 3 Genetics and Evolutionary Foundations of Behavior
Chapter 4 The Neural Control of Behavior
Chapter 5 Mechanisms of Motivation and Emotion

Part III Sensation and Perception
Chapter 6 Smell, Taste, Pain, Hearing, and Psychophysics
Chapter 7 The Psychology of Vision

Part IV Learning and Thinking
Chapter 8 Basic Processes of Learning
Chapter 9 Memory, Attention, and Consciousness
Chapter 10 Solving Problems: Reasoning and Intelligence

Part V Growth of the Mind and Person
Chapter 11 The Development of Body, Thought, and Language
Chapter 12 Social Development

Part VI Social and Personality Psychology
Chapter 13 Social Psychology
Chapter 14 Personality

Part VII Psychological Disorders and Treatment
Chapter 15 Psychological Disorders.
Chapter 16 Treatment of Psychological Disorders

Statistical Appendix