Test Bank (Download Only) for Psychiatric Nursing 7th Edition by Norman L. Keltner Debbie Steele ISBN: 9780323187299 ISBN: 9780323187305 ISBN: 9780323185790

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Psychiatric Nursing 7th Edition Keltner



Test Bank for Psychiatric Nursing 7th Edition Keltner

Test Bank for Psychiatric Nursing, 7th Edition, by Norman L. Keltner, Debbie Steele, ISBN: 9780323187299, ISBN: 9780323187305, ISBN: 9780323185790

Table of Contents

Unit I: The Basics 1. Me, Meds, Milieu 2. Historical Issues 3. Legal Issues 4. Psychobiologic Bases of Behavior 5. Cultural Issues 6. Spiritual Issues

Unit II: You (Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship) 7. Models for Working with Psychiatric Patients 8. Learning to Communicate Professionally 9. Working with an Individual Patient 10. Working with Groups of Patients 11. Working with the Family

Unit III: Medication (Psychopharmacology) 12 Introduction to Psychotropic Drugs 13. Antiparkinsonian Drugs 14. Antipsychotic Drugs 15. Antidepressant Drugs 16. Antimanic Drugs 17. Antianxiety Drugs 18. Antidementia Drugs 19. Over-the-counter Drugs

Unit IV: Environment: Milieu Management 20. Introduction to Milieu Management 21. Variables Affecting the Therapeutic Environment: Violence and Suicide 22. Therapeutic Environment in Various Treatment Settings

Unit V: Putting It All Together (Psychopathology) 23. Introduction to Psychopathology 24. Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders 25. Depressive Disorders 26. Bipolar Disorders 27. Anxiety-Related, Obsessive-Compulsive, Trauma- and Stressor-Related, Somatic, and Dissociative Disorders 28. Cognitive Disorders 29. Personality Disorders 30. Sexual Disorders 31. Substance Abuse Disorders 32. Eating Disorders

Unit VI: Special Populations 33. Survivors of Violence and Trauma 34. Children and Adolescents 35. Older Adults 36. Soldiers and Veterans Appendix: Diagnostic Criteria for Mental Disorders (DSM-5) Inside back cover: North American Nursing Diagnosis Association Approved Nursing Diagnoses Glossary Index