Test Bank (Download Only) for Professional Nursing 8th Edition by Beth Black ISBN: 9780323431125 ISBN: 9780323431095 ISBN: 9780323431057

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Professional Nursing 8th Edition Black



Test Bank for Professional Nursing 8th Edition Black

Test Bank for Professional Nursing, 8th Edition, by Beth Black, ISBN: 9780323431125, ISBN: 9780323431095, ISBN: 9780323431057

Table of Contents

1 Nursing in Today’s Evolving Health Care Environment
2 The History and Social Context of Nursing
3 Nursing’s Pathway to Professionalism
4 Nursing Education in an Evolving Health Care Environment
5 Becoming a Professional Nurse: Defining Nursing and Socialization into Practice
6 Nursing as a Regulated Practice: Legal Issues
7 Ethics: Basic Concepts for Professional Nursing Practice
8 Conceptual and Philosophical Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice
9 Nursing Theory: The Basis for Professional Nursing
10 The Science of Nursing and Evidence-Based Practice
11 Developing Nursing Judgment through Critical Thinking
12 Communication and Collaboration in Professional Nursing
13 Nurses, Patients, and Families: Caring at the Intersection of Health, Illness, and Culture
14 Health Care in the United States
15 Political Activism in Nursing: Communities, Organizations, Government
16 Nursing’s Challenge: To Continue to Evolve