Test Bank (Download Only) for Principles of Biology 1st Edition By Robert Brooker Eric Widmaier Linda Graham Peter Stiling ISBN10: 0073532274 ISBN13: 9780073532271


Instructor’s Test Bank for Principles of Biology 1st Edition Brooker



Test Bank for Principles of Biology 1st Edition Brooker

Test Bank for Principles of Biology, 1st Edition, By Robert Brooker, Eric Widmaier, Linda Graham, Peter Stiling, ISBN10: 0073532274, ISBN13: 9780073532271

Table of Contents

1 An Introduction to Biology
Unit 1 Chemistry
2 The Chemical Basis of Life I: Atoms, Molecules, and Water
3 The Chemical Basis of Life II: Organic Molecules
Unit 2 Cell
4 General Features of Cells
5 Membrane Structure, Transport, and Cell Junctions
6 Energy, Enzymes, and Cellular Respiration
7 Photosynthesis
8 Cell Communication
Unit 3 Genetics
9 Nucleic Acid Structure, DNA Replication, and Chromosome Structure
10 Gene Expression at the Molecular Level
11 Gene Regulation
12 Mutation, DNA Repair, and Cancer
13 The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle, Mitosis, and Meiosis
14 Patterns of Inheritance
15 Genetics of Viruses and Bacteria
16 Genetic Technology
17 Genomes, Repetitive Sequences, and Bioinformatics
Unit 4 Evolution
18 Origin and History of Life
19 An Introduction to Evolution and Population Genetics
20 Origin of Species and Macroevolution
21 Taxonomy and Systematics
Unit 5 Diversity
22 Microorganisms: The Archaea, Bacteria, and Protists
23 Plants
24 Fungi
25 Animal Diversity: Invertebrates
26 Animal Diversity: Vertebrates
Unit 6 Plants
27 An Introduction to Flowering Plant Form and Function
28 Flowering Plants: Plant Behavior
29 Flowering Plants: Nutrition and Transport
30 Flowering Plants: Reproduction
Unit 7 Animals
31 Animal Bodies and Homeostasis
32 Neuroscience I: Structure, Function, and Evolution of Nervous Systems
33 Neuroscience II: Sensory Systems
34 Muscular-Skeletal Systems
35 Digestive Systems and Nutrition
36 Circulatory Systems
37 Respiratory Systems
38 Excretory Systems and the Homeostasis of Internal Fluids
39 Endocrine Systems
40 Animal Reproduction and Development
41 Immune Systems
Unit 8 Ecology
42 Animal Behavior
43 Ecology and the Physical Environment
44 Population Ecology
45 Community Ecology
46 Ecosystem Ecology
47 Biodiversity and Conservation Biology