Test Bank (Download Only) for Physics for the Life Sciences 3rd Edition Martin Zinke-Allmang Reza Nejat Eduardo Galiano-Riveros Johann Bayer Michael Xiaoke Chen ISBN 9780176558697

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Physics for the Life Sciences 3rd Edition Zinke-Allmang



Test Bank for Physics for the Life Sciences 3rd Edition Zinke-Allmang

Test Bank for Physics for the Life Sciences, 3rd Edition, Martin Zinke-Allmang, Reza Nejat, Eduardo Galiano-Riveros, Johann Bayer, Michael Xiaoke Chen, ISBN 9780176558697

Table of Contents

Part One: The Mechanics of Biological Systems
Chapter 1: Physics and the Life sciences
Chapter 2: Kinematics
Chapter 3: Forces
Chapter 4: Newton’s Laws
Chapter 5: Centre of Mass and Linear Momentum
Chapter 6: Torque and Equilibrium

Part Two: Energy, Thermodynamics, and Transport Phenomena
Chapter 7: Energy and Its Conservation
Chapter 8: Gases
Chapter 9: Thermal Physics
Chapter 10: Transport of Energy and Matter
Chapter 11: Static Fluids
Chapter 12: Fluid Flow

Part Three: Elasticity and Vibrations, Waves, and Sound
Chapter 13: Elasticity and Vibrations
Chapter 14: Waves
Chapter 15: Sound

Part Four: Electric Phenomena
Chapter 16: Electric Force and Field
Chapter 17: Electric Energy and Potential
Chapter 18: The Flow of Charges

Part Five: Atomic, Electromagnetic, and Optical Phenomena
Chapter 19: The Atom
Chapter 20: Magnetism and Electromagnetic Waves
Chapter 21: Geometric Optics
Chapter 22: The Atomic Nucleus

Part Six: Applied Clinical Physics
Chapter 23: Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging
Chapter 24: Diagnostic X-ray Imaging
Chapter 25: Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine Imaging
Chapter 26: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Chapter 27: Radiation Therapy

Answers Appendix
Math Review
Units Review