Test Bank (Download Only) for Physical Rehabilitation 7th Edition Susan B. O’Sullivan Thomas J. Schmitz George Fulk ISBN-13: 9780803661622

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Physical Rehabilitation 7th Edition O’Sullivan

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Test Bank for Physical Rehabilitation 7th Edition O’Sullivan

Test Bank for Physical Rehabilitation, 7th Edition, Susan B. O’Sullivan, Thomas J. Schmitz, George Fulk, ISBN-13: 9780803661622

Table of Contents

Section One: Clinical Decision Making and Examination
1. Clinical Decision Making
2. Examination of Vital Signs
3. Examination of Sensory Function
4. Musculoskeletal Examination
5. Examination of Motor Function: Motor Control and Motor Learning
6. Examination of Coordination and Balance
7. Examination of Gait
8. Examination of Function
9. Examination and Modification of the Environment

Section Two: Intervention Strategies for Rehabilitation
10. Strategies to Improve Motor Function
11. Strategies to Improve Locomotor Function
12. Chronic Pulmonary Dysfunction
13. Heart Disease
14. Vascular, Lymphatic, and Integumentary Disorders
15. Stroke
16. Multiple Sclerosis
17. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
18. Parkinson’s disease
19. Traumatic Brain Injury
20. Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury
21. Vestibular Disorders
22. Amputation
23. Arthritis
24. Burns
25. Chronic Pain
26. Psychosocial Issues in Physical Rehabilitation
27. Cognitive and Perceptual Dysfunction
28. Neurogenic Disorders of Speech and Language
29. Promoting Health and Wellness

Section Three: Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Seating and Wheeled Mobility
30. Orthotics
31. Prosthetics
32. Seating and Wheeled Mobility