Test Bank (Download Only) for Physical Geography 11th Edition James F. Petersen Dorothy Sack Robert E. Gabler ISBN-10: 1305652649 ISBN-13: 9781305652644

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Physical Geography 11th Edition Petersen



Test Bank for Physical Geography 11th Edition Petersen

Test Bank for Physical Geography, 11th Edition, James F. Petersen, Dorothy Sack, Robert E. Gabler, ISBN-10: 1305652649 ISBN-13: 9781305652644

Table of Contents

1. Physical Geography: Earth Environments and Systems.
2. Representations of Earth.
3. Earth-Sun Relationships and Solar Energy.
4. The Atmosphere, Temperature, and the Heat Budget.
5. Atmospheric Pressure, Winds, and Circulation Patterns.
6. Moisture, Condensation, and Precipitation.
7. Air Masses and Weather Systems.
8. Global Climates and Climate Change.
9. Low-Latitude and Arid Climate Regions.
10. Middle-Latitude, Polar, and Highland Climatic Regions.
11. Biogeography.
12. Soils and Soil Development.
13. Earth Materials and Plate Tectonics.
14. Tectonism and Volcanism.
15. Weathering and Mass Wasting.
16. Subsurface Water and Karst.
17. Fluvial Processes and Landforms.
18. Arid Region and Eolian Landforms.
19. Glacial Systems and Landforms.
20. Coastal Processes and Landforms.
Appendix A: SI Units and Unit Conversions.
Appendix B: Topographic Maps.
Appendix C: Understanding and Recognizing Some Common Rocks.