Test Bank (Download Only) for Phlebotomy 5th Edition Robin S. Warekois Richard Robinson Pamela Primrose ISBN: 9780323642682 ISBN: 9780323675154 ISBN: 9780323642668


Instructor’s Test Bank for Phlebotomy 5th Edition Warekois



Test Bank for Phlebotomy 5th Edition Warekois

Test Bank for Phlebotomy, 5th Edition, Robin S. Warekois, Richard Robinson, Pamela Primrose, ISBN: 9780323642682, ISBN: 9780323675154,ISBN: 9780323642668

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Introduction to Phlebotomy 1. Introduction to Phlebotomy 2. Health Care Structure 3. Safety 4. Infection Control Unit 2: Phlebotomy Basics 5. Medical Terminology 6. Human Anatomy and Physiology 7. Circulatory, Lymphatic, and Immune Systems Unit 3: Specimen Collection 8. Venipuncture Equipment 9. Routine Venipuncture 10. Capillary Collection 11. Venipuncture Complications 12. Blood Collection in Special Populations 13. Arterial Blood Collection 14. Special Collections and Procedures 15. Special Nonblood Collection Procedures Unit 4: Specimen Handling 16. Specimen Handling, Transport, and Processing 17. Point-of-Care Testing Unit 5: Professional Issues 18. Quality Phlebotomy 19. Legal Issues in Phlebotomy

Appendix A: Metric System Measurements Appendix B: Common English-Spanish Phrases for Phlebotomy Appendix C: Competency Checklists Appendix D: Common Abbreviations Appendix E: Mock Certification Exam Appendix F: Answers to Chapter Questions and Mock Certification Exam Glossary

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