Test Bank (Download Only) for Phlebotomy 4th Edition by Booth ISBN-10: 0073513849 ISBN-13: 9780073513843

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Phlebotomy 4th Edition Booth



Test Bank for Phlebotomy 4th Edition Booth

Test Bank for Phlebotomy, 4th Edition, by Booth, ISBN-10: 0073513849, ISBN-13: 9780073513843

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 Phlebotomy and HealthcareCHAPTER 2 Infection Control and SafetyCHAPTER 3 Introduction to Medical and Anatomical TerminologyCHAPTER 4 Body Systems and Related Laboratory TestsCHAPTER 5 The Cardiovascular SystemCHAPTER 6 Patient and Specimen RequirementsCHAPTER 7 Blood Collection EquipmentCHAPTER 8 VenipunctureCHAPTER 9 Dermal/Capillary PunctureCHAPTER 10 Blood Specimen HandlingCHAPTER 11 Special Phlebotomy ProceduresCHAPTER 12 Quality EssentialsCHAPTER 13 Waived Testing and Collection of Non-Blood SpecimensCHAPTER 14 Practicing Professional Behavior