Test Bank (Download Only) for Parenting A Dynamic Perspective 3rd Edition By George W. Holden ISBN: 9781506350424


Instructor’s Test Bank for Parenting A Dynamic Perspective 3rd Edition Holden



Test Bank for Parenting A Dynamic Perspective 3rd Edition Holden

Test Bank for Parenting A Dynamic Perspective 3rd Edition By George W. Holden, ISBN: 9781506350424

Table of Contents

About the Author
Part I: Understanding Parents and Child Rearing
Chapter 1: Introduction: From Beliefs to Evidence
Parenting Beliefs Throughout History

Authorities’ Parenting Beliefs Throughout History

Other Sources of Parenting Beliefs

Using Research to Understand Parenting

Chapter 2: Theoretical Perspectives on Parenting
Introduction to Theory

Classical Theories

Biological, Genetic, and Environmental Influences

Social Learning and Social Theories

Family Systems Theory

Other Emotion-Based Theories

Developmental Stage Theories

Chapter 3: Approaches to Parenting Research

Comparing Approaches

Chapter 4: How Important Are Parents?
Historical Evidence About Parental Influence

Associations Between Parenting and Children’s Outcomes

The Behavioral Genetics Challenge

A New Perspective on How Parents Matter

Trajectories and Development

Chapter 5: Determinants of Parenting
Categories of Determinants

Cultural and Distal Determinants

Contextual Determinants

Stable Characteristics Determinants

Situational Determinants

Interrelations Among Determinants

Part II: Parenting and Development
Chapter 6: Becoming a Parent
Deciding to Have a Child

Getting Pregnant, Staying Pregnant, and Encountering Problems

Labor and Childbirth

The Preterm Newborn

Transitioning to Parenthood

Parenting the Newborn

The Problem of Infant Mortality

Ethical Issues

Chapter 7: Parenting Infants and Toddlers
Parenting Infants

Parenting Toddlers

Chapter 8: Parenting Preschoolers
Parenting a Preschooler

Contemporary Issues

Chapter 9: Parenting During the Middle Childhood Years
Parents and Within-Family Interactions

Parents and External Influences

Chapter 10: Parenting Adolescents
Developmental Changes in Adolescence

Problems for Adolescents and Their Parents

How Parents Help Teens Navigate Adolescence

Part III: Contemporary Issues
Chapter 11: Parenting in Nontraditional Families
Single Parents

Adolescent Mothers

ART Families

Adoptive Parents

Gay and Lesbian Parents

Blended/Stepparent Parents

Grandparents as Parents

Foster Parents

Parenting Emergent Adults

Chapter 12: Parents at Risk

Economic Factors

Parent Context

Chapter 13: Cultural Influences on Parenting
Parenting in Different Countries

Cultural Diversity Among North American Parents

Religion and Parenting

Chapter 14: Child Maltreatment: When Parenting Goes Awry
Child Maltreatment Throughout History

The Many Faces of Child Maltreatment

Child Maltreatment Across Time and Country

Protecting Maltreated Children: Foster Parents

The Costs of Child Maltreatment

Chapter 15: Social Policy Issues
The Changing American Family

The Societal Costs of Family Problems

Social Policy Responses

Controversial Social Policy Ideas

Appendix: Journals That Frequently Publish Studies Pertaining to Parenting