Test Bank (Download Only) for Operating Systems 9th Edition William Stallings ISBN-10: 0134670957 ISBN-13: 9780134670959

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Operating Systems 9th Edition Stallings



Test Bank for Operating Systems 9th Edition Stallings

Test Bank for Operating Systems, 9th Edition, William Stallings, ISBN-10: 0134670957, ISBN-13: 9780134670959

Table of Contents

I. Background

1. Computer System Overview

2. Operating System Overview

II. Processes

3. Process Description and Control

4. Threads

5. Concurrency: Mutual Exclusion and Synchronization

6. Concurrency: Deadlock and Starvation

III. Memory

7. Memory Management

8. Virtual Memory

IV. Scheduling

9. Uniprocessor Scheduling

10. Multiprocessor, Multicore, and Real-Time Scheduling

V. Input/Output and Files

11. I/O Management and Disk Scheduling

12. File Management

VI. Embedded Systems

13 Embedded Operating Systems

14. Virtual Machines

15. Operating System Security

16. Cloud and IoT Operating Systems

Appendix A. Topics in Concurrency

Appendix B. Programming and Operating System Projects