Test Bank (Download Only) for Nutrition For A Changing World 2nd Edition Jamie Pope Steven Nizielski ISBN:9781319213305 ISBN:9781319213329 ISBN:9781319258405 ISBN:9781319148676

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Nutrition For A Changing World 2nd Edition Pope

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Test Bank for Nutrition For A Changing World 2nd Edition Pope

Test Bank for Nutrition For A Changing World, 2nd Edition, Jamie Pope, Steven Nizielski, ISBN:9781319213305, ISBN:9781319213329, ISBN:9781319258405, ISBN:9781319148676

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Science and Scope of Nutrition. Eating for a Lifetime: A new field in nutrition research is revealing surprising details about how food affects our genes.
Chapter 2. Healthy Diets
Chapter 3. Digestive System and Digestive Disorders
Chapter 4. Carbohydrates,
SPOTLIGHT A: A Global Pandemic: A projected 629 million people in the world will be living with diabetes by year 2045
NEW story! Chapter 5. The Lipids
NEW! SPOTLIGHT B: Lipids in Health and Disease
Chapter 6. Protein
NEW! SPOTLIGHT C: Plant-Based Diets
NEW story! Chapter 7. Fat-soluble Vitamins
Chapter 8. Water-soluble Vitamins
Chapter 9. Major Minerals and Water
Chapter 10. Trace Minerals
NEW! SPOTLIGHT D: Supplements
Chapter 11. Energy Balance and ObesityThe Sitting Disease: Understand the causes and consequences of obesity.
Chapter 12. Nutrition and Fitness
Chapter 13 Nutrition through the College Years
Spotlight E: Pregnancy, Lactation, and Infancy
NEW! SPOTLIGHT F: Childhood Nutrition
NEW! SPOTLIGHT G: Nutrition and the Aging Adult
NEW! Chapter 14. Global Nutrition: Food Security and Sustainability