Test Bank (Download Only) for Nursing A Concept-Based Approach to Learning Volume II 3rd Edition Pearson Education ISBN-10: 0134616812 ISBN-13: 9780134616810

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Nursing A Concept-Based Approach to Learning Volume II 3rd Edition Pearson Education



Test Bank for Nursing A Concept-Based Approach to Learning Volume II 3rd Edition Pearson Education

Test Bank for Nursing A Concept-Based Approach to Learning, Volume II, 3rd Edition, Pearson Education, ISBN-10: 0134616812, ISBN-13: 9780134616810

Table of Contents


Module 22: Addiction
The Concept of Addiction
22.A Alcohol Abuse
22.B Nicotine Use
22.C Substance Abuse

Module 23: Cognition
The Concept of Cognition
23.A Alzheimer Disease
23.B Delirium
23.C Schizophrenia

Module 24: Culture and Diversity
The Concept of Culture and Diversity

Module 25: Development
The Concept of Development
25.A Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
25.B Autism Spectrum Disorder
25.C Cerebral Palsy
25.D Failure to Thrive

Module 26: Family
The Concept of Family
26.A Family Response to Health Alterations

Module 27: Grief and Loss
The Concept of Grief and Loss

Module 28: Mood and Affect
The Concept of Mood and Affect
28.A Depression
28.B Bipolar Disorders
28.C Postpartum Depression
28.D Suicide

Module 29: Self
The Concept of Self
29.A Feeding and Eating Disorders
29.B Personality Disorders

Module 30: Spirituality
The Concept of Spirituality
30.A Spiritual Distress
30.B Religion

Module 31: Stress and Coping
The Concept of Stress and Coping
31.A Anxiety Disorders
31.B Crisis
31.C Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Module 32: Trauma
The Concept of Trauma
32.A Abuse
32.B Multisystem Trauma
32.C Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
32.D Rape and Rape-Trauma Syndrome


Module 33: Reproduction
The Concept of Reproduction
33.A Antepartum Care
33.B Intrapartum Care
33.C Postpartum Care
33.D Newborn Care
33.E Prematurity


Module 34: Assessment
The Concept of Assessment

Module 35: Caring Interventions
The Concept of Caring Interventions

Module 36: Clinical Decision Making
The Concept of Clinical Decision Making
36.A The Nursing Process
36.B The Nursing Plan of Care
36.C Prioritizing Care

Module 37: Collaboration
The Concept of Collaboration

Module 38: Communication
The Concept of Communication
38.A Groups and Group Communication
38.B Therapeutic Communication
38.C Documentation
38.D Reporting

Module 39: Managing Care
The Concept of Managing Care
39.A Case Management
39.B Cost-Effective Care
39.C Delegation
39.D Leadership and Management

Module 40: Professionalism
The Concept of Professionalism
40.A Commitment to Profession
40.B Work Ethic

Module 41: Teaching and Learning
The Concept of Teaching and Learning
41.A Patient/Consumer Education


Module 42: Accountability
The Concept of Accountability
42.A Competence
42.B Professional Development

Module 43: Advocacy
The Concept of Advocacy
43.A Environmental Quality

Module 44: Ethics
The Concept of Ethics
44.A Morality
44.B Ethical Dilemmas
44.C Patient Rights

Module 45: Evidence-Based Practice
The Concept of Evidence-Based Practice

Module 46: Healthcare Systems
The Concept of Healthcare Systems
46.A Emergency Preparedness

Module 47: Health Policy
The Concept of Health Policy

Module 48: Informatics
The Concept of Informatics
48.A Clinical Decision Support Systems
48.B Individual Information at Point of Care

Module 49: Legal Issues
The Concept of Legal Issues
49.A Nurse Practice Acts
49.B Advance Directives
49.C Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
49.D Mandatory Reporting
49.E Risk Management

Module 50: Quality Improvement
The Concept of Quality Improvement

Module 51: Safety
The Concept of Safety
51.A Health Promotion