Test Bank (Download Only) for Molecular Diagnostics 3rd Edition Lela Buckingham ISBN-10: 0803668295 ISBN-13: 9780803668294

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Molecular Diagnostics 3rd Edition Buckingham



Test Bank for Molecular Diagnostics 3rd Edition Buckingham

Test Bank for Molecular Diagnostics, 3rd Edition, Lela Buckingham, ISBN-10: 0803668295, ISBN-13: 9780803668294

Table of Contents

I. Fundamentals of Molecular Biology: An Overview
1. Nucleic Acids and Proteins
2. Gene Expression and Epigenetics

II. Common Techniques in Molecular Biology
3. Nucleic Acid Extraction Methods
4. Resolution and Detection of Nucleic Acids
5. Analysis and Characterization of Nucleic Acids and Proteins
6. Nucleic Acid Amplification
7. Chromosomal Structure and Chromosomal Mutations
8. Gene Mutations
9. DNA Sequencing

III. Techniques in the Clinical Laboratory
10. DNA Polymorphisms and Human Identification
11. Detection and Identification of Microorganisms
12. Molecular Detection of Inherited Diseases
13. Molecular Oncology
14. DNA-Based Tissue Typing
15. Quality Assurance and Quality Control in the Molecular Laboratory

A. Study Questions Answers
B. Answers to Case Studies