Test Bank (Download Only) for Medical Terminology 3rd Edition by Thierer ISBN-10: 0073374725 ISBN-13: 2900073374726

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Medical Terminology 3rd Edition Thierer



Test Bank for Medical Terminology 3rd Edition Thierer

Test Bank for Medical Terminology, 3rd Edition, by Thierer, ISBN-10: 0073374725, ISBN-13: 2900073374726

Table of Contents

1 Learning Terminology2 Prefixes and Suffixes in Medical Terms3 Body Structure4 The Integumentary System5 The Musculoskeletal System6 The Cardiovascular system7 The Respiratory System8 The Nervous System9 The Urinary System10 The Female Reproductive System11 The Male Reproductive System12 The Blood System13 The Lymphatic and Immune Systems14 The Digestive System15 The Endocrine System16 The Sensory System17 Human Development18 Terms in Oncology—Cancer and Its Causes19 Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Oncology, and Surgery20 Terms in Psychiatry21 Terms in Dental Practice22 Terms in Pharmacology23 Terms in Complementary and Alternative Medicine