Test Bank (Download Only) for LPN to RN Transitions 4th Edition Lora Claywell ISBN: 9780323473897 ISBN: 9780323473866 ISBN: 9780323401517

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Instructor’s Test Bank for LPN to RN Transitions 4th Edition Claywell



Test Bank for LPN to RN Transitions 4th Edition Claywell

Test Bank for LPN to RN Transitions, 4th Edition, Lora Claywell, ISBN: 9780323473897, ISBN: 9780323473866, ISBN: 9780323401517

Table of Contents

UNIT ONE: ESSENTIAL SKILLS TO BEGIN YOUR TRANSITION 1. Honoring Your Past, Planning Your Future 2. Assessing Yourself and Designing Success 3. Study Habits and Test-Taking Skills
UNIT TWO: THE PROFESSION AND DISCIPLINE OF REGISTERED NURSING 4. Distinguishing the RN Role from the LPN/LVN Role 5. Using Nursing Theory to Guide Professional Practice 6. Providing Patient-Centered Care Through the Nursing Process 7 .Critical and Diagnostic Thinking for Better Clinical Judgment
UNIT THREE: THE RN AS PROVIDER OF CARE 8. Practicing Evidence-Based Decision Making 9. Communicating with Patients and Co-Workers 10. Teaching Patients and Their Families 11. The Nurses, Ideas, and Forces That Define the Profession 12. Upholding Legal and Ethical Principles 13. Care and Safety Standards, Competence, and Nurse Accountability
UNIT FOUR: THE RN AS MANAGER OF CARE 14. Leading, Delegating, and Collaborating 15. Promoting Healthful Living in the Primary Care Setting 16. Managing Care in Secondary and Tertiary Health Care
UNIT FIVE: LOOK HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME, PREPARING FOR TRANSITIONS TO COME 17. Reflecting on Your Transition 18. Prepare Now to Pass NCLEX-RN® Appendices: