Test Bank (Download Only) for Human Gonadotropins 1st Edition Laurence Cole ISBN: 9780128216767

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Human Gonadotropins 1st Edition Cole



Test Bank for Human Gonadotropins 1st Edition Cole

Test Bank for Human Gonadotropins, 1st Edition, Laurence Cole, ISBN: 9780128216767

Table of Contents

A. Evolution
1. Evolution of Aa, GAH, FSH and LH
2. Evolution of CG and Development of Humans

B. Structure of the Gonadotropins
3. Structure FSH Peptide/arbohydrate/3D Construction
4. Structure LH Peptide/Carbohydrate/3D Construction
5. Structure hCG Peptide/Carbohydrate/3D Construction
6. Multiple forms of hCG Peptide/Carbohydrate/3D Construction

C. Synthesis of the Gonadotropins
7. Synthesis of the Gonadotropins

D. Functions of the Gonadotropins
8. Functions of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone and Inhibin
9. Function of FSH
10. Function of LH
11. Function of Hormone hCG
12. Function of Hyperglycosylated hCG and Extravillous Cytotrophoblast hCG

E. Degradation of the Gonadotropins
13. Degradation hCG

F. Antibodies and Immunoassays for the Gonadotropins
14. Antibodies and Immunossays for FSH
15. Antibodies and Immunoassays for LH
16. Antibodies and Immunoassays for hCG

G. Commercial products and standards for Gonadotropins
17. Commercial Products and Standards for FSH
18. Commercial Products and Standards for LH
19. Commercial Products and Standards for hCG

H. The Genetics of Gonadotropins
20. The genetics of FSH
21. The genetics of hCG and LH

I. Sex Steroid Hormones
22. Estrogens and Progestogens
23. Male Steroidogenesis

J. Female Reproduction
24. Female reproduction: Follicle Formation and Follicle Selection.
25. Female reproduction: Ovulation and Luteinization.
26. Fertilization and Blastocyst Formation
27. Illicit use of hCG in Dietary Programs and to Promote Anabolism

K. Male Reproduction
28. Male Reproduction: sperm formation
29. Sperm Activation

L. Adrenarche and Menarche
30. Adrenarche and Menarche in Girls
31. Adrenarche and Puberty in Boys

M. Menstrual Cycle hCG
32. Pituitary Sulfated hCG
33. Hyperglycosylated hCG and Extravillous Cytotrophoblast hCG

N. Pregnancy
34. hCG and Pregnancy Tests
35. False-positive hCG Pregnancy Tests
36. hCG and Pregnancy
37. Implantation and Pregnancy Failure
38. Deep Implantation, hCG and Gestational Hypertension, Preeclampsi

O. Roles of Gonadotropins in Reproduction and Cancer
39. hCG and Gestational Trophoblastic Diseases
40. The Human Brain: Sexuality
41. Ovarian Cystic Disorders
42. hCG and Choriocarcinoma
43. hCG and Cancer

P. Receptors and intermediaries for Gonadotropins
44. Hyperglycosylated hCG, Extravillous Cytotrophoblast hCG and TGFß Receptor 2
45. Receptor and Intermediators for FSH
46. Receptor and Intermediaries for LH and the Hormone hCG