Test Bank (Download Only) for Fundamentals of Nursing 3rd Edition Judith M. Wilkinson Leslie S. Treas Karen L. Barnett Mable H. Smith ISBN-10: 0803640773 ISBN-13: 9780803640771

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Fundamentals of Nursing 3rd Edition Wilkinson



Test Bank for Fundamentals of Nursing 3rd Edition Wilkinson

Test Bank for Fundamentals of Nursing, 3rd Edition, Judith M. Wilkinson, Leslie S. Treas, Karen L. Barnett, Mable H. Smith, ISBN-10: 0803640773, ISBN-13: 9780803640771

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Evolution of Nursing Thought and Action Chapter 2: Critical Thinking and the Nursing Process Chapter 3: Nursing Process: Assessment Chapter 4: Nursing Process: Diagnosis Chapter 5: Nursing Process: Planning Outcomes Chapter 6: Nursing Process: Planning Interventions Chapter 7: Nursing Process: Implementation and Evaluation Chapter 8: Evidence-Based Practice: Theory and Research Chapter 9: Life Span: Infancy through Middle Adulthood Chapter 10: Life Span: Older Adults Chapter 11: Experiencing Health and Illness Chapter 12: Stress and Adaptation Chapter 13: Psychosocial Health and Illness Chapter 14: The Family Chapter 15: Culture and Ethnicity Chapter 16: Spirituality Chapter 17: Loss, Grief, and Dying Chapter 18: Documenting and Reporting Chapter 19: Teaching Clients Chapter 20: Measuring Vital Signs Chapter 21: Communicating and Therapeutic Relationships Chapter 22: Health Assessment Chapter 23: Promoting Asepsis and Preventing Infection Chapter 24: Promoting Safety Chapter 25: Facilitating Hygiene Chapter 26: Administering Medications Chapter 27: Nutrition Chapter 28: Urinary Elimination Chapter 29: Bowel Elimination Chapter 30: Sensation, Perception, and Cognition Chapter 31: Pain Chapter 32: Physical Activity and Mobility Chapter 33: Sexual Health Chapter 34: Sleep and Rest Chapter 35: Skin Integrity and Wound Healing Chapter 36: Oxygenation Chapter 37: Circulation Chapter 38: Fluids, Electrolytes, and Acid-Base Balance Chapter 39: Perioperative Care Chapter 40: Leading and Managing Chapter 41: Nursing Informatics Chapter 42: Promoting Health Chapter 43: Community and Home Health Nursing 43 Chapter 44: Ethics and Values Chapter 45: Legal Accountability Chapter 46: Holistic Healing