Test Bank (Download Only) for Drugs Behaviour and Society 2nd Canadian Edition by Carl Hart Charles Ksir Andrea Hebb Robert Gilbert Shaun Black ISBN-10: 1259256707 ISBN-13: 9781259256707

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Drugs, Behaviour, and Society 2nd Canadian Edition Hart



Test Bank for Drugs, Behaviour, and Society 2nd Canadian Edition Hart

Test Bank for Drugs, Behaviour, and Society, 2nd Canadian Edition, by Carl Hart, Charles Ksir, Andrea Hebb, Robert Gilbert, Shaun Black, ISBN-10: 1259256707, ISBN-13: 9781259256707

Table of Contents

Section One: Drug Use in Modern Society

Chapter 1 – Drug Use: An Overview

Chapter 2 – Drug Use as a Social Problem

Chapter 3 – Drug Policy

Section Two: How Drugs Work

Chapter 4 – The Nervous System

Chapter 5 – The Actions of Drugs

Section Three: Uppers and Downers

Chapter 6 – Stimulants

Chapter 7 – Other Depressants and Inhalants

Chapter 8 – Psychotherapeutic Drugs: Medication for Mental Disorders

Section Four: Alcohol

Chapter 9 – Alcohol

Section Five: Familiar Drugs

Chapter 10 – Tobacco

Chapter 11 – Caffeine

Chapter 12 – Natural Health Products and Over-the-Counter Drugs

Section Six: Restricted Drugs

Chapter 13 – Opioids

Chapter 14 – Hallucinogens

Chapter 15 – Cannabis

Chapter 16 – Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Section Seven: Prevention and Treatment

Chapter 17 – Preventing Substance Abuse

Chapter 18 -Treating Substance Abuse and Dependence,+behaviour,+and+society/