Test Bank (Download Only) for Discover Biology Full 4th Edition Michael L. Cain Carol Kaesuk Yoon Anu Singh-Cundy ISBN: 9780393114904


Instructor’s Test Bank for Discover Biology Full 4th Edition Cain



Test Bank for Discover Biology Full 4th Edition Cain

Test Bank for Discover Biology, Full 4th Edition, Michael L. Cain, Carol Kaesuk Yoon, Anu Singh-Cundy, ISBN: 9780393114904

Table of Contents

Unit 1: The Diversity of Life
1 The Nature of Science and the Characteristics of Life
2 Organizing the Diversity of Life
3 Major Groups of Living Organisms
Interlude A: Biodiversity and People
Unit 2: Cells: The Basic Units of Life
4 Chemical Building Blocks
5 Cell Structure and Internal Compartments
6 Cell Membranes, Transport, and Communication
7 Energy and Enzymes
8 Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
9 Cell Division
Interlude B: Cancer: Cell Division Out of Control
Unit 3: Genetics
10 Patterns of Inheritance
11 Chromosomes and Human Genetics
12 DNA
13 From Gene to Protein
14 Control of Gene Expression
15 DNA Technology
Interlude C: Harnessing the Human Genome
Unit 4: Evolution
16 How Evolution Works
17 Evolution of Populations
18 Adaptation and Speciation
19 The Evolutionary History of Life
Interlude D: Humans and Evolution
Unit 5: Animal Form and Function
20 Maintaining the Internal Environment
21 Animal Nutrition and Digestion
22 Gas Exchange
23 The Circulatory System
24 Animal Hormones
25 The Nervous System
26 Sensing the Environment
27 Skeletons, Muscles, and Movement
28 Defenses against Disease
29 Reproduction and Development
30 Animal Behavior
Interlude E: Smoking: Beyond Lung Cancer
Unit 6: Plant Form and Function
31 Plant Structure, Nutrition, and Transport
32 Plant Growth and Reproduction
Interlude F: Feeding a Hungry Planet
Unit 7: Interactions with the Environment
33 The Biosphere
34 Growth of Populations
35 Interactions among Organisms
36 Communities of Organisms
37 Ecosystems
38 Global Change
Interlude G: Building a Sustainable Society