Test Bank (Download Only) for Contemporary Nursing 8th Edition Barbara Cherry Susan R. Jacob ISBN: 9780323554374 ISBN: 9780323635943 ISBN: 9780323554206

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Contemporary Nursing 8th Edition Cherry



Test Bank for Contemporary Nursing 8th Edition Cherry

Test Bank for Contemporary Nursing, 8th Edition, Barbara Cherry, Susan R. Jacob, ISBN: 9780323554374, ISBN: 9780323635943, ISBN: 9780323554206

Table of Contents

Unit 1: The Development of Nursing

1. The Evolution of Professional Nursing 2. The Contemporary Image of Professional Nursing 3. The Influence of Contemporary Trends and Issues on Nursing Education 4. Nursing Licensure and Certification 5. Theories of Nursing Practice 6. Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Unit 2: Current Issues in Health Care 7. Paying for Health Care in America: Rising Costs and Challenges 8. Legal Issues in Nursing and Health Care 9. Ethical and Bioethical Issues in Nursing and Health Care 10. Cultural Competency and Social Issues in Nursing and Health Care 11. Complementary and Alternative Healing 12. Palliative Care 13. Workforce Advocacy and the Nursing Shortage 14. Collective Bargaining and Unions in Today’s Workplace 15. Information Technology in the Clinical Setting 16. Emergency Preparedness and Response for Today’s World

Unit 3: Leadership and Management in Nursing 17. Nursing Leadership and Management 18. Budgeting Basics for Nurses 19. Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution 20. Effective Delegation and Supervision 21. Staffing and Nursing Care Delivery Models 22. Quality Improvement and Patient Safety 23. Health Policy and Politics: Get Involved!

Unit 4: Career Management 24. Making the Transition from Student to Professional Nurse 25. Managing Time: The Path to High Self-Performance 26. Contemporary Nursing Roles and Career Opportunities 27. Job Search: Finding Your Match 28. NCLEX-RN ® Examination