Test Bank (Download Only) for Computed Tomography 4th Edition Euclid Seeram ISBN: 9780323323024 ISBN: 9780323323055 ISBN: 9780323312882

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Computed Tomography 4th Edition Seeram

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Test Bank for Computed Tomography 4th Edition Seeram

Test Bank for Computed Tomography, 4th Edition, Euclid Seeram, ISBN: 9780323323024, ISBN: 9780323323055, ISBN: 9780323312882

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: CT: An Overview
Chapter 2: Digital Image Processing
Chapter 3: Physical Principles of CT
Chapter 4: Data Acquisition
Chapter 5: Image Reconstruction
Chapter 6: Iterative Reconstruction Fundamentals
Chapter 7: Basic Instrumentation
Chapter 8: Image Post Processing
Chapter 9: Image Quality
Chapter 10: Radiation Dose
Chapter 11: MuliSlice CT Principles
Chapter 12: Other Technical Applications
Chapter 13: Three-Dimensional CT
Chapter 14: PET/SPECT CT
Chapter 15: CT of the Head, Neck, and Spine
Chapter 16: CT of the Body
Chapter 17: Pediatric CT
Chapter 18: Quality Control for CT Scanners
Appendix A: Spiral Versus Helical
Appendix B: Historical Look at Specific Features of CT Scanners
Appendix C: Physics of Cardiac Imaging with Multiple-Row Detector CT