Test Bank (Download Only) for Cell Biology 3rd Edition Thomas Pollard William Earnshaw Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz Graham Johnson ISBN: 9780323341264 ISBN: 9780323400022 ISBN: 9780323399982 ISBN: 9780323399968 ISBN: 9780323399944

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Cell Biology 3rd Edition Pollard

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Test Bank for Cell Biology 3rd Edition Pollard

Test Bank for Cell Biology, 3rd Edition, Thomas Pollard, William Earnshaw, Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Graham Johnson, ISBN: 9780323341264, ISBN: 9780323400022, ISBN: 9780323399982, ISBN: 9780323399968, ISBN: 9780323399944

Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction to Cell Biology
1 Introduction to Cells
2 Evolution of Life on Earth
Section 2: Chemical and Physical Background
3 Molecules: Structures and Dynamics
4 Biophysical Principles
5 Macromolecular Assembly
6 Research Strategies
Section 3: Chromatin, Chromosomes, and the Cell Nucleus
7 Chromosome Organization
8 DNA Packaging in Chromatin and Chromosomes
9 Nuclear Structure and Dynamics
Section 4: Central Dogma: From Gene to Protein
10 Gene Expression
11 Eukaryotic RNA Processing
12 Protein Synthesis and Folding
Section 5: Membrane Structure and Function
13 Membrane Structure and Dynamics
14 Membrane Pumps
15 Membrane Carriers
16 Membrane Channels
17 Membrane Physiology
Section 6: Cellular Organelles and Membrane Trafficking
18 Posttranslational Targeting of Proteins
19 Mitochondria, Chloroplasts, Peroxisomes
20 Endoplasmic Reticulum
21 Secretory Membrane System and Golgi Apparatus
22 Endocytosis and the Endosomal Membrane
23 Processing and Degradation of Cellular Components
Section 7: Signaling Mechanisms
24 Plasma Membrane Receptors
25 Protein Hardware for Signaling
26 Second Messengers
27 Integration of Signals
Section 8: Cellular Adhesion and the Extracellular Matrix
28 Cells of the Extracellular Matrix and Immune System
29 Extracellular Matrix Molecules
30 Cellular Adhesion
31 Intercellular Junctions
32 Connective Tissues
Section 9: Cytoskeleton and Cellular Motility
33 Actin and Actin-Binding Proteins
34 Microtubules and Centrosomes
35 Intermediate Filaments
36 Motor Proteins
37 Intracellular Motility
38 Cellular Motility
39 Muscles
Section 10: Cell Cycle
40 Introduction to the Cell Cycle
41 G1 Phase and Regulation of Cell Proliferation
42 S Phase and DNA Replication
43 G2 Phase and Control of Entry into Mitosis
44 Mitosis and Cytokinesis
45 Meiosis
46 Programmed Cell Death