Test Bank (Download Only) for Biochemistry 1st Edition Roger L Miesfeld Megan M McEvoy ISBN: 9780393630879

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Biochemistry 1st Edition Miesfeld

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Test Bank for Biochemistry 1st Edition Miesfeld

Test Bank for Biochemistry, 1st Edition, Roger L Miesfeld, Megan M McEvoy, ISBN: 9780393630879

Table of Contents

PART 1 Principles of Biochemistry
1 Principles of Biochemistry
2 Physical Biochemistry: Energy Conversion, Water, and Membranes
3 Nucleic Acid Structure and Function
PART 2. Protein Biochemistry
4 Protein Structure
5 Methods in Protein Biochemistry
6 Protein Function
7 Enzyme Mechanisms
8 Cell Signaling Systems
PART 3. Energy Conversion Pathways
9 Glycolysis: A Paradigm of Metabolic Regulation
10.The Citrate Cycle
11 Oxidative Phosphorylation
12 Photosynthesis
PART 4. Metabolic Regulation
13 Carbohydrate Structure and Function
14 Carbohydrate Metabolism
15 Lipid Structure and Function
16 Lipid Metabolism
17 Amino Acid Metabolism
18 Nucleotide Metabolism
19 Metabolic Integration
PART 5. Genomic Regulation
20 DNA Replication, Repair, and Recombination
21 RNA Synthesis, processing, and Gene Silencing
22 Protein Synthesis, Posttranslational Modification, and Transport
23 Gene Regulation