Test Bank (Download Only) for Administering Medications 8th Edition by Gauwitz ISBN-10: 007351375X ISBN-13: 9780073513751

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Instructor’s Test Bank for Administering Medications 8th Edition Gauwitz



Test Bank for Administering Medications 8th Edition Gauwitz

Test Bank for Administering Medications, 8th Edition, by Gauwitz, ISBN-10: 007351375X, ISBN-13: 9780073513751

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Orientation to MedicationsChapter 2 Principles of Drug ActionChapter 3 Measurement and Dosage CalculationsChapter 4 Administering Parenteral MedicationsChapter 5 Medication TherapyChapter 6 Vitamins, Minerals, and HerbsChapter 7 Antibiotics and AntifungalsChapter 8 Drugs for the Eye and EarChapter 9 Drugs for the SkinChapter 10 Drugs for the Cardiovascular SystemChapter 11 Drugs for the Respiratory SystemChapter 12 Drugs for the Gastrointestinal SystemChapter 13 Drugs for the Urinary System and Fluid BalanceChapter 14 Drugs for the Reproductive SystemChapter 15 Drugs for the Endocrine SystemChapter 16 Drugs for the Musculoskeletal SystemChapter 17 Drugs for the Nervous and Sensory SystemsChapter 18 Psychotropic DrugsChapter 19 Antineoplastic DrugsChapter 20 Drugs for the Pediatric PatientChapter 21 Drugs for the Geriatric Patient