Solution Manual (Download Only) for PSYCH 6th Edition Spencer A. Rathus ISBN-10: 0357041054 ISBN-13: 9780357041055

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Instructor’s Solution Manual for PSYCH 6th Edition Rathus



Solution Manual for PSYCH 6th Edition Rathus

Solution Manual for PSYCH, 6th Edition, Spencer A. Rathus, ISBN-10: 0357041054, ISBN-13: 9780357041055

Table of Contents

1. What is Psychology?
2. Biology and Psychology.
3. Sensation and Perception.
4. Consciousness.
5. Learning.
6. Memory: Remembrance of Things Past–and Future.
7. Thinking, Language, and Intelligence.
8. Motivation and Emotion.
9. The Voyage through the Life Span.
10. Personality: Theory and Measurement.
11. Stress, Health, and Coping.
12. Psychological Disorders.
13. Methods of Therapy.
14. Social Psychology.