Solution Manual (Download Only) for Principles of Modern Chemistry 8th Edition David W. Oxtoby H. Pat Gillis Laurie J. Butler ISBN-10: 1305079116 ISBN-13: 9781305079113

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Instructor’s Solution Manual for Principles of Modern Chemistry 8th Edition Oxtoby

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Solution Manual for Principles of Modern Chemistry 8th Edition Oxtoby

Solution Manual for Principles of Modern Chemistry, 8th Edition, David W. Oxtoby, H. Pat Gillis, Laurie J. Butler, ISBN-10: 1305079116 ISBN-13: 9781305079113

Table of Contents

Unit I. Introduction to the Study of Modern Chemistry.
1. The Atom in Modern Chemistry.
2. Chemical Formulas, Equations, and Reaction Yields.
Unit II. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure.
3. Atomic Shells and Classical Models of Chemical Bonding.
4. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics.
5. Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Structure.
6. Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Structure.
7. Bonding in Organic Molecules.
8. Bonding in Transition Metal Compounds and Coordination Complexes.
Unit III. Kinetic Molecular Description of the States of Matter.
9. The Gaseous State.
10. Solids, Liquids, and Phase Transitions.
11. Solutions.
Unit IV. Equilibrium in Chemical Reactions.
12. Thermodynamic Processes and Thermochemistry.
13. Spontaneous Processes and Thermodynamic Equilibrium.
14. Chemical Equilibrium.
15. Acid–Base Equilibria.
16. Solubility and Precipitation Equilibria.
17. Electrochemistry.
Unit V. Rates of Chemical and Physical Processes.
18. Chemical Kinetics.
19. Nuclear Chemistry.
20. Molecular Spectroscopy and Photochemistry.
Unit VI. Materials.
21. Structure and Bonding in Solids.
22. Inorganic Materials.
23. Polymeric Materials and Soft Condensed Matter.
Appendix A. Scientific Notation and Experimental Error.
Appendix B. SI Units, Unit Conversions, and Physics for General Chemistry.
Appendix C. Mathematics for General Chemistry.
Appendix D. Standard Chemical Thermodynamic Properties.
Appendix E. Standard Reaction Potentials at 25°C.
Appendix F. Physical Properties of the Elements.
Appendix G. Solutions to the Odd-Numbered Problems.