Solution Manual (Download Only) for Prescott’s Microbiology 11th Edition By Joanne Willey Kathleen Sandman Dorothy Wood ISBN 10: 1260211886 ISBN 13: 9781260211887

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Instructor’s Solution Manual for Prescott’s Microbiology 11th Edition Willey

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Solution Manual for Prescott’s Microbiology 11th Edition Willey

Solution Manual for Prescott’s Microbiology 11th Edition By Joanne Willey, Kathleen Sandman, Dorothy Wood, ISBN 10: 1260211886, ISBN 13: 9781260211887

Table of Contents

Part One Introduction to Microbiology
Chapter: 1. The Evolution of Microorganisms and Microbiology
Chapter: 2. Microscopy
Chapter: 3. Bacterial Cell Structure
Chapter: 4. Archaeal Cell Structure
Chapter: 5. Eukaryotic Cell Structure
Chapter: 6. Viruses and Other Acellular Infectious Agents
Part Two Microbial Nutrition, Growth, and Control
Chapter: 7. Bacterial and Archaeal Growth
Chapter: 8. Control of Microorganisms in the Environment
Chapter: 9. Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Part Three Microbial Metabolism
Chapter: 10. Introduction to Metabolism
Chapter: 11. Catabolism: Energy Release and Conservation
Chapter: 12. Anabolism: The Use of Energy in Biosynthesis
Part Four Microbial Molecular Biology and Genetics
Chapter: 13. Bacterial Genome Replication and Expression
Chapter: 14. Regulation of Bacterial Cellular Processes
Chapter: 15. Eukaryotic and Archaeal Genome Replication and Expression
Chapter: 16. Mechanisms of Genetic Variation
Chapter: 17. Microbial DNA Technologies
Chapter: 18. Microbial Genomics
Part Five The Diversity of the Microbial World
Chapter: 19. Microbial Taxonomy and the Evolution of Diversity
Chapter: 20. Archaea
Chapter: 21. Nonproteobacterial Gram-Negative Bacteria
Chapter: 22. Proteobacteria
Chapter: 23. Gram-Positive Bacteria
Chapter: 24. Protists
Chapter: 25. Fungi
Chapter: 26. Viruses
Part Six Ecology and Symbiosis
Chapter: 27. Microbial Interactions
Chapter: 28. Biogeochemical Cycling and Global Climate Change
Chapter: 29. Methods in Microbial Ecology
Chapter: 30. Microorganisms in Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems
Chapter: 31. Microorganisms in Terrestrial Ecosystems
Part Seven Pathogenicity and Host Response
Chapter: 32. Innate Host Resistance
Chapter: 33. Adaptive Immunity
Chapter: 34. The Microbe-Human Ecosystem
Chapter: 35. Infection and Pathogenicity
Part Eight Microbial Diseases, Detection, and Their Control
Chapter: 36. Epidemiology and Public Health Microbiology
Chapter: 37. Clinical Microbiology and Immunology
Chapter: 38. Human Diseases Caused by Viruses and Prions
Chapter: 39. Human Diseases Caused by Bacteria
Chapter: 40. Human Diseases Caused by Fungi and Protists
Part Nine Applied Microbiology
Chapter: 41. Microbiology of Food
Chapter: 42. Biotechnology and Industrial Microbiology
Chapter: 43. Applied Environmental Microbiology