Solution Manual (Download Only) for Human Resource Management 14th Edition Wayne Dean Mondy Joseph J. Martocchio ISBN-10: 0133848809 ISBN-13: 9780133848809 ISBN-10: 0133972992 ISBN-13: 9780133972993 ISBN 97801338488099


Instructor’s Solution Manual for Human Resource Management 14th Edition Mondy



Solution Manual for Human Resource Management 14th Edition Mondy

Solution Manual for Human Resource Management, 14th Edition, Wayne Dean Mondy, Joseph J. Martocchio, ISBN-10: 0133848809, ISBN-13: 9780133848809 ISBN-10: 0133972992, ISBN-13: 9780133972993 ISBN 97801338488099

Table of Contents

Part I: Setting the Stage

1. Human Resource Management: An Overview

2. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

3. Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Workforce Diversity

Part II: Staffing

4. Strategic Planning, Human Resource Planning, and Job Analysis

5. Recruitment

6. Selection

Part III: Performance Management and Training

7. Performance Management and Appraisal

8. Training and Development

Part IV: Compensation

9. Direct Financial Compensation (Core Compensation)

10. Indirect Financial Compensation (Employee Benefits)

Part V: Labor Relations, Employee Relations, Safety, and Health

11. Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining

12. Internal Employee Relations

13. Employee Safety, Health, and Wellness

Part VI: Operating in a Global Environment

14. Global Human Resource Management