Solution Manual (Download Only) for Explorations in Basic Biology 12th Edition By Stanley E Gunstream ISBN-10: 0321723473 ISBN-10: 0321722949 ISBN-13: 9780321722942

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Instructor’s Solution Manual for Explorations in Basic Biology 12th Edition Gunstream



Solution Manual for Explorations in Basic Biology 12th Edition Gunstream

Solution Manual for Explorations in Basic Biology, 12th Edition, By Stanley E Gunstream, ISBN-10: 0321723473, ISBN-10: 0321722949, ISBN-13: 9780321722942

Table of Contents

Part I: Fundamentals

Exercise 1: Orientation

Exercise 2: The Microscope

Part II: Cell Biology

Exercise 3: The Cell

Exercise 4: Chemical Aspects

Exercise 5: Diffusion and Osmosis

Exercise 6: Enzymes

Exercise 7: Photosynthesis

Exercise 8: Cellular Respiration and Fermentation

Exercise 9: Cell Division

Part III: Diversity of Organisms

Exercise 10: Prokaryotes and Protists

Exercise 11: Green, Brown and Red Algae

Exercise 12: Fungi

Exercise 13: Terrestrial Plants

Exercise 14: Simple Animals

Exercise 15: Mollusks, Segmented Worms and Arthropods

Exercise 16: Echinoderms and Chordates

Part IV: Animal Biology

Exercise 17: Dissection of the Frog

Exercise 18: Dissection of the Fetal Pig

Exercise 19: Blood and Circulation

Exercise 20: Gas Exchange

Exercise 21: Digestion

Exercise 22: Excretion

Exercise 23: Neural Control

Exercise 24: Sensory Perception in Humans

Exercise 25: Chemical Control in Animals

Exercise 26: The Skeletal System

Exercise 27: Muscles and Movement

Exercise 28: Reproduction in Vertebrates

Exercise 29: Fertilization and Development

Exercise 30: Early Embryology of the Chick

Exercise 31: Structure of Flowering Plants

Exercise 32: Transport in Plants

Exercise 33: Chemical Control in Plants

Exercise 34: Heredity

Exercise 35: Molecular and Chromosomal Genetics

Exercise 36: DNA Fingerprinting

Exercise 37: Evolution

Exercise 38: Evolutionary Mechanisms

Exercise 39: Ecological Relationships

Exercise 40: Population Growth

Exercise 41: Animal Behavior