Solution Manual (Download Only) for Criminology 9th Edition By Freda Adler William Laufer Gerhard O. Mueller ISBN10: 007814096X ISBN13: 9780078140969

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Instructor’s Solution Manual for Criminology 9th Edition Adler



Solution Manual for Criminology 9th Edition Adler

Solution Manual for Criminology 9th Edition By Freda Adler,William Laufer,Gerhard O. Mueller, ISBN10: 007814096X, ISBN13: 9780078140969

Table of Contents

Part I: Understanding Criminology
Chapter 1. The Changing Boundaries of Criminology
Chapter 2. Counting Crime and Measuring Criminal Behavior
Chapter 3. Schools of Thought throughout History
Part II: Explanations of Crime and Criminal Behavior
Chapter 4. Psychological and Biological Perspectives
Chapter 5. Strain and Cultural Deviance Theories
Chapter 6. The Formation of Subcultures
Chapter 7. Social Control Theory
Chapter 8. Labeling, Conflict, and Radical Theories
Chapter 9. Environmental Theory
Part III: Types of Crime
Chapter 10. Violent Crimes
Chapter 11. Crimes against Property
Chapter 12. White-Collar and Corporate Crime
Chapter 13. Public Order Crimes
Chapter 14. International and Comparative Criminology
Part IV: A Criminologicol Approoch to the Criminal Justice System
Chapter 15. Processes and Decisions
Chapter 16. Enforcing the Law: Practice and Research
Chapter 17. The Nature and Functioning of Courts
Chapter 18. A Research Focus on Corrections